My first proposal to reduce pedestrian rage: make a tourist lane and a “have somewhere to be 5 minutes ago” lane. I’ll admit that I am a pretty impatient driver, but nothing frustrates me more than having to dodge people consulting maps, taking pictures, and generally congregating in the middle of the sidewalk. This tourist lane would also allow pregnant women, strollers, and people walking dogs that are too small to keep up. I cant imagine why, at 8 months pregnant, you would be trying to waddle down Lexington at rush hour. 


The other theory I have is that New Yorkers are so skinny because its impossible to lug a full meal’s worth of groceries back to your apartment. I can afford enough food, I’m just too lazy to juggle it behind Chihuahuas, across 3 lanes of taxis, and up 4 flights of stairs. I did manage to bring back a “Congrats on your new job” cake though, so it can’t be all that bad.  

Last random thought: If a person of questionable appearance tells you you’re “Gorgeous, dahling” is that flattering or insulting? I’m sure they left the house this morning thinking they looked fabulous too.


3 thoughts on “Annoyed

  1. Kate says:

    I’m here from 20 Something Bloggers. Love the blog. I spent a summer in Boston and thought the same thing about groceries. I highly recommend reusable totes, but you should check these out – I know you can only carry so much, weight wise, but these will help take some of the pain out of carrying plastic bags.

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