Free Shots for Everyone

Last night was my first ladies night out – not in that “Woooo! I hate men!” way, but in a “Lets just grab a few drinks together” way. At least that was our intention.

I was with my roommate Amanda and a friend from work Margaret, and we were trying to make it to Bar XII for their free open bar from 8-9. Apparently Wednesdays are Rock Out Wednesdays or something to that effect, and there are free drinks, beer pong, a DJ – any frat boy’s dream. Anyways, we missed the free hour entirely, but still wanted to check the place out. Grabbed beers at the bar, and the barkeep put some strange dude’s Stella on Margaret’s tab, so that automatically made him stick around so he could “return the favor”. He was waiting for his friend who had just gotten dumped, and kept chatting up Margaret while Amanda and I watched the Mets (why do they lose so much??). Our bartender had a black eye complete with a busted eyebrow, and when we asked what happened (expecting a macho answer like rugby), he told us that he got sucker punched outside the bar last night on his way home, and woke up 15 minutes later. I think he felt like he needed to impress us after that, because he lined up 4 glasses of Monster, stacked 3 shots of orange Stoli on top, and chucked ice at the shotglasses to drop them in. After pelting us with a few pieces of ice, he finally dropped the glasses in, and told us to drink up. “Its my special – the O-Bomba,” he told us. I call it an orange tic-tac, but whos keeping track? It was still delicious.

Free beer dude’s friend finally showed up, but he turned out to be a wet blanket. He actually had been recently dumped, and all he wanted to talk about was how his life was over. Lame! I guess he could tell that his conversation skills left much to be desired, so he attempted to win us over with round after round of Jameson. One of the nice things about the real world (still adjusting to post-grad life) is that men (even the ugly ones) make money and will throw it at women in the form of free drinks. I know, I know, the endless debate about free drinks and an obligation to fulfill, but I say that if the guy offers, he shouldn’t expect anything in return. Now if I ask, that’s a different story.

Anyways, these guys kept plying us with shots, but another group of guys saw their opportunity and swooped in to save the day. Their opening line literally was “They’re so boring they have to buy you drinks to keep you girls around, hm?” We talked to the 3 of them for a while, but since all of us had work the next day we ended up splitting around midnight (each with a few more contacts in our phonebook, of course).

I am constantly surprised at how low my taxi fares are. Going from 34th to 58th was only $5. I guess I always thought of cabs as the rich man’s way to get around. I mean, five dollars isn’t pennies, but when it costs you more for a Bud Light than it does to get home, it puts things in perspective. Anyways, we cabbed it home and made some Easy Mac – old habits die hard.

Work was hell this morning. Can’t wait to do it again next week.


One thought on “Free Shots for Everyone

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