Outside my office

Outside my office

I thought  I would get to see some celebrities this week! There have been signs up on 60th “No Parking – Film Shoot”, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for anyone famous (I saw Shia LeBeauf filming Wall Street 2 a couple weeks ago, and Im ashamed to say it made my day. I also may or may not have stood outside the MTV VMAs for a while in hopes that someone famous would pick me to become their new BFF). So far I haven’t had any luck. Word on the street is that they’re shooting the pilot for a show called Making It In America. Anyone heard of it?


One thought on “Celebrities!?!

  1. McLovin' NYC says:

    You may already know this site, but if not, you need to! It’s a daily staple for me, because I am shameless. http://www.onlocationvacations.com/category/daily-filming-locations/

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