NYC Reunion

Ive been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. My friends from school were coming to visit, so I knew I could drag them to any bar I wanted to try out and they’d be more than happy with it. (I forgot that everyone would assume that I would have an awesome game plan ready for them – Im as new to this as they are)

 Friday night we decided to stay relatively close to home, and went to Traffic on 52nd & 2nd. Id been here a week or two ago with some other friends – it’s a cool concept: there’s a traffic light behind the bar, and when it goes green, free open bar! The light isn’t green for long, but when it is there’s a mad dash for the bar. Great way to make friends. From what I remember, it was a pretty good time. The bars at our school closed at 1am, so all of us are conditioned to start craving late night snacks around 12:45. Luckily I’d scoped out this amazing bagel place on 56th that is open 24/7 and has some unbelievable bagels. So what if I’m already on a first name basis with the 12-6AM staff?

 Woke up the next morning and had more bagels (I seriously can’t have enough everything bagels), then went down to Chinatown & Little Italy. It was a beautiful day out, and tourists were out in full force. I can’t remember the name of it, but some place was serving a slice and a beer for $6 – a steal. We wandered around some more, made it up to SoHo, where I made my biggest accomplishment of the day. My roommate and I decided to decorate our kitchen with local art only, but so far we hadn’t sprung for any. I came across some guy setting up his photographs, and brought one home (after unsuccessfully trying to haggle over price. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all). Dropped by the Waldorf, where one of our friends works at the front counter, and did some obligatory shopping by my apartment.

That night we went back to 52nd and 2nd to begin with, except we went across the street to Turtle Bay. This place was great – not that crowded, but definitely had a dance scene going on upstairs. It was the closest to college I’d seen since graduation (without all the douchey frat guys).  That night we pushed through the 1AM barrier and instead trekked to another bar down in Murray Hill, Joshua Tree. They’re an 80’s dance bar, and I’d have to say that the best part about it is the huge projectors showing music videos. Remember DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince? Yeah. Awesome.

 Of course, grabbed McDonalds on the way home, and hated our lives the next morning. Thank God there was a CSI marathon on the next day.


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