Brief Interviews with Hideous Men


Last night confirmed that I don’t like indie films. Go ahead, make fun of me. I don’t care. Nothing beats a good old Indiana Jones or Sleepless in Seattle.

john-krasinskiI saw “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” with a co-worker and my roommate last night — mainly because I have a huge crush on John Krasinski. My co-worker said the book was good, and my roommate goes to film school, so I knew going into it that I would be the odd man out on this one.

Still, when a preview for an ARAYA revival came on the screen, I realized I was probably going to be in over my head. This was followed by a few other obscure previews, but two that I actually do want to see are Anti Christ and The Horse Boy.

Anyways, the movie was alright I guess, if you don’t need a continuous story line or an ending. It was worth it to see Krasinski’s monologue at the end though. Love him!


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