Weekend Recap

So this was my first full, real weekend without friends visiting, so I could explore without the risk of disappointing anyone. Friday night I went out with a friend of a friend, and to pregame we played pong in the apartment. It may not be the most adult activity, but it was a college throwback and I loved it. We went to this bar in Hell’s Kitchen for her cousin’s birthday. It more or less looked like the Russian mob had taken over – all her family was in there dropping bills for tray upon tray of shots. As much as I wanted some, I was afraid that if I took a few, it would be my treat next, so I steered clear. At one point I found this pitcher of drinks on the table, and thinking that I was being slick, poured myself a glass and walked away. Three cups later I found out that it was just cranberry juice to chase the vodka with, and I’d effectively sobered myself up. Well played. 

Saturday it was a nasty, rainy day here, so my only mission was to find a tailor to take in some pants. I asked the doorman of the apartment building next door, and he told me there was a place just around the corner so I went there. I tried the pants on, got them fitted, and got my ticket to pick them up later. As I was walking home I realized it was going to be $40 and not ready until next Saturday! I know I’m in Manhattan, but come on, thats ridiculous. So I walked a few more blocks until I saw a laundromat/alteration place, and asked them what their rates were. For $30 she could get them to me by Tuesday. Great – now I just had to go get my pants back. It was only mildly awkward, and now I’ll have my new pants by Tuesday. Mission accomplished. 


Bartender dancing on the rafters

Bartender dancing on the rafters

That night I went back to Turtle Bay with my roommate and some of her friends. This is by far becoming my favorite bar. The line was almost non-existent when we got there, so we got our drinks and went right upstairs. Behind us were a group of guys, and I told my friend “Keep the tall fat guy away from me”, knowing that it would only take him 15 minutes to make his way over. I had a feeling. After getting chatted up by the bouncer (“When you’re ready for a sexy black man, gimme a call”. Did he really keep business cards for this reason? “Bouncer” isn’t all that impressive…), the tall fat kid gets on the bar with another guy and the DJ tells us all that TFK is actually the bar’s owner, and the other guy (his brother) is having his bachelor party that night, and theyre going to have a chugging contest. Of course TFK wins, and you can tell he’s pretty proud. He saunters over to me and says “Wasn’t that pretty impressive?” This is where I’m an amazing roommate. I dont want to talk to this guy, but I know my roommate needs a job, so I talk to him for a little bit until my roommate is within arm’s length and I introduce them. I mean, I might have gotten a free drink out of it too, but ….

Then I met the love of my life. When I came in I’d seen this tall decent looking guy, but he was talking to some other chicks, so I let it go. Upstairs, though, I see that he is surrounded by much better looking tall guys. So I approach them and ask them if they’re with the bachelor party. Turns out theyre all Bucknell basketball alum, and are in the city celebrating a teammates birthday. Jackpot! 

Made the obligatory bagel stop on the way home. They just keep getting better and better. It was beautiful weather outside today, so I spent the whole day walking around the village and Union Square. The outfits I saw today could be a whole other post. But I did find a self-serve yogurt place thats only $.35/oz. You may be asking yourself, Is that a good deal or not? I dont know. I’ve never purchased yogurt by the ounce, but I got a pretty good sized cup with Reeses and coconut for only $1.60. You be the judge.


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