New York Metropolitans!

new-york-metsI am proudly the only person in the city rooting against the Yankees right now. Its okay. I hate them. Ive always been a Mets fan, and the fact that they suck this year doesn’t mean I don’t root for them anymore. It just means I have to root harder against the Yanks. And the Phils.


One thought on “New York Metropolitans!

  1. Jim says:

    I’m enjoying your blog very much. I have to admit, though, since you think I am some kind of techno-genius, that yours is the first blog I’ve ever read. Your blog is interesting for the various themes that arise frequently. For example, clothes and fashion. I found the bloglet (or whatever it is called: the item with the picture of the boot) on boots quite fascinating. But who knew that you were obsessed by boots and fashion generally? If I ever think about fashion issues–and I do so seldom–it’s about a male TV commentator and whether his shirt goes with his tie or something. Another theme that comes up quite a bit in your blog is your being an outsider to NYC. This outsider status actually gives you the ability to poke around and see things that maybe a native New Yorker would miss. So we get a bloglet on foot long hot dogs (for $5.00, which doesn’t seem exactly cheap to me but what do I know about New York prices?).

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