The Brooklyn Flea

I seriously discovered the best thing ever: The Brooklyn Flea Market

It was one of the last warm days of fall, so my roommate, a college pal and I headed out to Fort Greene for the Flea’s last Saturday (til next year). The stands were all full of (mostly) affordable, actually cool things, not some nasty macaroni projects that deadbeats try to pass off as “vintage art”. Not to mention the hipster-to-real-people ratio was unbelievably low, considering there was live banjo music. Best find: stacks and stacks of NY postcards from the 1900s and earlier, lots of them sent with a $.01 stamp. Also, boots. Lots and lots of boots. There was also food – I opted for a prosciutto and ricotta sandwich that would make any Italian proud. For Christmas, all I want is a Brooklyn Flea Gift Card (aka cash).


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