Oliver Twist Makes a Comeback

I would like to dedicate today’s post to the newest hipster trend: lace-up ankle boots. I couldn’t find a very accurate picture of what I mean, although I Googled every combination of “hipster ankle boots” imaginable. The boots I have in mind have a little more detail on them, and look like something Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman would wear when she’s trying to track down Sully or save a pregnant lady’s life. Now I live in a more business area of Manhattan, so if these things have infiltrated the corporate world, you know they mean business. Id classify anyone wearing these boots as at least a Level 6 Hipster, with bonus points if they’re worn with black tights and shorts in December. How original! Even though you bought them at Urban, right next to the display of Where The Wild Things Are and the Holgas. The first time I saw someone wearing them, I assumed that someone had forgotten a pair of Chucks to change into after their Civil War Reenactment meeting or something. Then I saw them again, and again, and again! I just don’t get it– why would you pay $50+ to look like a Charles Dickens character? Although I think I know a few people who might own a pair, and to that I’ll say: if you happen to be wearing them when I see you next, I’ll pretend its not awkward if you pretend its not awkward.


One thought on “Oliver Twist Makes a Comeback

  1. cgee says:

    Ill pretend its not awkward if you pretend its not awkward. love it

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