Ratatouille Lied.

Despite what Disney would have you believe, real mice are not that cute. Real mice don’t make soup or have a distinct preference for Swiss over Gargonzola.  (They also won’t help you get dressed, Snow White style). Real mice chew through garbage bags and keep you lying awake in terror, afraid that you will roll over to see a vicious garbage rat ready to chew your face off.


One thought on “Ratatouille Lied.

  1. Molly Ball says:

    I just caught a mouse in a trap at my apartment! It has been eating all of our chocolate for over a week- they were wrapped, in a plastic bag, inside a kitchen drawer. So I decided to take some action. I put half of a peanut butter dove chocolate in a mouse trap…got that sucker! Trash only comes on Friday morning so I put the bag at the bottom of the stairs and the next morning I noticed several holes chewed through the garbage bag, thus meaning this mouse was ‘playing dead’ in the trap and ate his way out…or we have more than one predator. To be continued…

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