Fun With Numbers

I decided to take a break from my job (saving the world) to do a little demographics research*. This obviously was sparked by another commute spent bobbing and weaving through people that have no respect for the flow of pedestrian traffic.

1,634,795 people actually live in Manhattan.

18,815,988 people live in the tri-state area. If 1/3 of them commute into Manhattan to work, that means 6,271,996 people are coming in from LI, NJ, etc.

48,000,000 tourists visit NYC annually. On average, that gives us 131,506 on any given day (although we all know that Rockefeller is currently like the UN convention).

So, by the property of addition, there are about 8,038,297 people in Manhattan between 8am and 7pm.

Unfortunately, I was looking for some stronger statistical support. Tourists only make up about 1.6% of the people in the city at any given time – I was hoping it would be some astronomical number like 83% so that I could bitch and moan some more about being elite.  I guess the next logical step is to start a “How To Be A Pedestrian” Campaign.

*Conducted on Wikipedia and therefore 100% accurate


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