As artsy as I get….

This weekend I (accidentally) dove head-first into the Village music scene. This means that I saw two live bands in two days, which for me is like a cultural revolution.

Friday night my friend Christina and I trekked down to Arthurs on Grove and 7th for some Jazz. Little did I know I was going to meet my idol. After some arduous Google-work, I was able to track down a photo as well as a bio for Sweet Georgia Brown. This sassy woman belted out raspy jazz tunes, as well as heckled the audience (“if you danced half as well as you texted!”). Sweet G also had a healthy libido, telling us that she could “take on a football team! A basketball team!” and that she loved when her “man went dowwwwntowwwn”. I can only hope Im half as awesome when Im 60.

Saturday we met up with Jess down around NYU and essentially spent the day eating and drinking hot chocolate. For dinner we ate at Red Lion Pub (yeah their website is pretty bad, but what can you do), where I had probably the best burger Ive had yet in the city. They have live music every night from 7pm-1am, and the guy who was playing during dinner was pretty legit.

Thus concludes my adventures as a hipster-wannabe. Tune in next week for my adventures as a Chinatown street vendor.


One thought on “As artsy as I get….

  1. McLovin' NYC says:

    Red Lion – one of my favorite spots. Fact.

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