Unsolved Mysteries

This week’s unsolved mystery is tourists’ fascination with squirrels. Personally, I consider squirrels to be about as intriguing as mosquitos, but maybe I’m missing something. Last time I walked into Central Park, I saw a group of at least 9 or 10 people squatting on the ground in a semi-circle with cameras, and at least 4 or 5 more watching. I assumed it was going to be something awesome like a toddler dance-off or something, so I casually sprinted over. I was beyond disappointed – it was just a squirrel eating a nut. To the human race’s credit, I will say that that little rodent was definitely showboating. I tried to take a picture of this phenomenon: but not only did I miss the majority of the observers, I realized that by doing so I looked like I was a squirrel fanatic too (I saw some local farther down the sidewalk give me the stink-eye and I wished there was some sort of NYC handshake to say “Yeah I might have just taken a picture, but I live here too”). In conclusion, I still have no idea why anyone would need a 5 minute video of a squirrel eating a nut.


One thought on “Unsolved Mysteries

  1. […] this squirrel isn’t svelte, but I don’t think he warranted a picture either. And I know there’s tons of squirrels where my sister goes to school. Its not like we […]

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