Editor’s Note

Before I get any more hate mail, let me clear up a few things.

1. Ive talked to Rachel, its cool, I wasnt trying to ruin her day or anything. Everyone’s got their panties in a bunch because I’m trying to “classify hipsters” or something. Its a blog, not CNN.

2. For the record, the glasses are prescription. Got it.

3. I don’t need anyone’s sass about “making judgments.”  I didn’t drag her name through the mud or question her moral character. I simply insinuated that her glasses weren’t prescription (see #2).

4.  Im calling this the Coleman bump (similar to the Colbert Bump) because a bajillion people are reading this today. If I had known that, I would have tried to be a little funnier.

I’d like to be able to show my face in Brooklyn again, so….no harm, no foul?


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