Hipster Dramz

Well well well, I never thought I’d see this day. Apparently my pal on WCIA saw my blog and posted the article on her facebook. See the outrage that followed:

For one, I dont know how she found this. Seriously. I think a total of 5 people read this blog. Secondly, I wasn’t as much poking fun as much as…um, I’ll get back to you. Thirdly, apparently, I am “lame” and am now a hipster myself because I tried to label someone else as a hipster. If only it were that easy, Bazooka Joe.

Since apparently I mistakenly called Ms. Colemanbot a “hipster” instead of a “scenester”, I thought I’d rectify this by clearing up any confusion people may have between the two species.

I hope this was enlightening.


5 thoughts on “Hipster Dramz

  1. Rachel says:

    hey, this is Rachel…

    i honestly think the whole thing is hilarious, I was being toungue in cheek when I posted that on my facebook (my mom sent in to me, BTW, she has a google alert for me, OF COURSE, you know how Jewish moms are). The attention is funny/fun! Also, the “scenester” thing is just in reference to shit people on Brooklyn Vegan say about my blog…

    ❤ bloggers, lez be budzzz.



  2. Rachel says:

    also, i need my glasses to see, thank you very much (though I suppose I could still see through slightly less ridiculous frames)

  3. Your Roommate says:

    Your blog is #14 on Google search when you type in Rachel’s name.

  4. Hahaha yes, budz is perfect by me. I was mostly stoked that someone besides my family was reading this. And lets be real – everyone has a little hipster/scenester in them, no matter how badly they try to hide it.

    PS – love the show, Im going to keep watching it (and root for you!)

  5. Dicky Dunn says:

    This show is absolute garbage. This is what happens when MTV meets the Food Network.

    Only Kitchen Nightmares (Fox version) is a bigger programming abortion.

    That being said, I hope Jen wins. She’s most definitely not a New Yorker.

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