Worst Cook in Brooklyn

Has anyone caught the new show on Food Network Worst Cooks in America?

Do these glasses match my fixie?

You may be thinking to yourself, how does this relate to New York? Let me tell you, my friends: my hipster radar has officially reached optimal levels. While watching WCIA tonight, I immediately pinpointed Red Team member (and Brooklyn NY resident) Rachel Coleman as a bona fide, true-blooded hipster. I think it was a combination of the ironic bangs, non-prescription glasses, and flannel cooking attire that tipped me off.

This was all hilarious until I saw her bio on Food Network, which lists her profession as a marketing website editor. Which is exactly what I do. Sometimes I feel like Im one PBR away from tattooing a deer on my chest.


11 thoughts on “Worst Cook in Brooklyn

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  2. jjs says:

    trust me, those glasses are prescription. I’m not sure how you’d make such a judgment in the first place. But no, I know Rachel and she’s blind as a bat.

  3. I understand your defense for your friend, but I would like to say that 1) its not like I called Rachel a dirty whore. I simply said her glasses were non-prescription; its not a serious moral judgment. 2)I would say its a fair assumption that most people who require glasses don’t choose such distinctive frames. Just sayin.

  4. jjs says:

    It would have been funny if you had called her a dirty whore. I bet should would have found that funny too. “This dirty whore and her ironic bangs!”. Anyway, I just wanted to clear up the glasses thing.

  5. Rachel says:

    Jed! Don’t start making people call me a dirty whore! Oh man!

    L O L

    See you tonight, if you’re not “too sick” to play… missed a great international time!

  6. No worries – Rach and I are already BFFs now (yeah, like nickname-basis BFFs)

  7. jjs says:

    Wow that was quick. I am getting teary over here.

  8. Ldawg says:

    dude, who cares. what even is a hipster anymore? get a grip. you sound creepy.

  9. Dirty Larry says:

    don’t call them hipsters, they like to be know as Alts

  10. […] Cook in America | February 2, 2010 Guess who won Worst Cook In America tonight? Thats right, Brooklyn’s homegirl Rachel Coleman. Get it girl! Posted in Entertainment, […]

  11. i would like to atend your show.i need help in the kitchen since my 4 strokes in march.

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