“Look at that fat squirrel!”

This past weekend my little sister came to visit. She hasn’t been to NYC since she was 14, so I was a good host and took her all over the place. Some discussion points:

  • The Empire State Building is actually worth the $20 – IF you get there early enough to miss the lines
  • Did you know Grand Central has the zodiac painted on the ceiling?
  • My sis is obsessed with Louis Vuitton, so of course we took a trip down to Chinatown. To get her a purse, we were passed Underground Railroad-style between 3 different people with walkie talkies before getting squeezed in the back of a minivan which doubled as a store ( This is the same girl who refused to say the word “cash” on the bus because she thought she was going to get mugged). I’ve watched too many CSIs to ever do that again.
  • Wall Street is way cooler than I expected, and George Washington was inaugurated there
  • Like I said before, STOMP was incredible
  • For some reason, no one in NYC thinks my sister and I are from America. We got Russia, Germany, Sweden – really?
  • The ponds in Central Park were frozen over this weekend, so I overcame my fear of falling through the ice (I’d say thats a pretty rational fear) and walked on water

The main purpose of this post, though, was to showcase my sister’s photography. I took her on a long walk through Central Park. About 3 minutes in: “Look at that fat squirrel! Oh, I’ve just gotta get one picture.” Which turned into at least five, as well as some later shots of obese pigeons.

Okay, this squirrel isn’t svelte, but I don’t think he warranted a picture either. And I know there’s tons of squirrels where my sister goes to school. Its not like we came across a moose or anything. But at least she refrained from taking a video of it.


One thought on ““Look at that fat squirrel!”

  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy says:

    didn’t you just post on the uncanny attraction of tourists to central park squirrels? good job jen, she proved your argument. it’s science.

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