¡Feliz Viernes!

Last night on the way home from my volleyball game (UNDEFEATED!), I saw a young lady standing, reading a book in Spanish, with a Spanish-to-English Dictionary in her other hand. I would like to congratulate this woman for a) being able to balance hands-free b) attempting to read a book in another language and c) combining those two skills on a subway barreling through midtown Manhattan. I took 5 years of Spanish throughout high school and college, most of which consisted of watching Finding Nemo in Español. After  Spanish 107, I decided to keep my “skills” sharp by reading a book on my own in Spanish. Not only have I never gotten past the first page after multiple tries, but then I found out that its on a 3rd grade reading level (Señor Moreno has a farm and two daughters).

In order to keep the “Basic knowledge of Spanish” bullet point on my resume close to factual, I have resorted to trying to translate the Spanish advertisements on the Subway. It makes me feel multicultural. Like this one, for instance:

“Because we know that the opinion of every person counts, the Department of Education of New York City gave surveys to all the parents, students, and teachers that learn from the schools – 800,000 of them responded.”

Aren’t you impressed? Because I am.

The lesson here, kids, is that you can keep learning after school if you’re motivated enough. Or too poor to buy Rosetta Stone.


One thought on “¡Feliz Viernes!

  1. Still Blue and Gold says:

    Kermit – I do the same thing (except in french). Mostly with the wording on shampoo bottles (and other consumer products found around the house, and air bag warnings). Though, it’s not really fair since for most of those, if I fail, I can just move my eyes 4 lines up for the english version.

    Hecho en Chine (not really)

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