Quick Recap

Sometimes its hard to pencil in some blog-writing time when your life is actually busy, so I decided to do a quick recap instead. 

Thursday night I went to this gallery and saw original Dr. Suess, Where the Wild Things Are, Tim Burton, Addams family, Simpsons, and Peanuts drawings. Then I went to a gay bar with my friend and got hit on by a petite girl who told me that she “recognized me from somewhere, which team did I play on?” Being as naive as ever, I said “Oh I dont play on a team really, I just play for fun.” Wrong answer. Then we snuck into Aziz Ansari’s show at Comix by pulling the old underage-at-a-bar wristband switcharoo. Todd Barry from Flight of the Conchords opened (Means nothing to me but some people are impressed, I guess); it was a pretty great time. 

Friday night I went to my university’s Alumni happy hour/mixer with a few friends. Not only were we outnumbered by people that graduated in the early 2000s, but we also chatted up a few party-crashing undergrads for free shots. The bar was in a hotel, so I felt like I was at one of those awkward corporate meet and greets, except people were making out. Had Papaya Dog for the first time – life changing. (Why is there no suitable link for Papaya Dog?? Google it for yourself, please)

Last night my good buddy Pete came in for his birthday and we did a little tour of the LES. We started off at Crocodile Lounge, where unfortunately one of our party fell prey to a Stage 5 Clinger and she and her merry band of biddyboxes followed us around all night. 

The week coming up looks pretty promising, lots of adventure!


One thought on “Quick Recap

  1. […] to his BAC, so by the end of the night we decided to ditch him. The night ended with a trek to Papaya Dog, which at 4AM is akin to […]

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