Worst Valentines Day Ever…

….wasnt me this year! Check out this guy who got shot down by his girlfriend at the Rangers game. Although based on the amount of time we spent together this weekend, I may be dating Bob Costas. 

I would also like to thank all 44 presidents for having birthdays so that I can have the day off of work today! I plan to fully take advantage of this extra day by grabbing lunch with an old friend and then exploring Hell’s Kitchen a little bit. 

Im a little upset with my good friend Vicky Beckham for not notifying me that this week is Fashion Week, but the dresses looked fabulous dahling. When I was here in September without a job, I considered dressing in all black and standing outside Bryant Park to see if I could somehow work my way inside. In retrospect Im not sure that would have worked (especially after watching Kell on Earth) but one can dream.


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