Such a lady.

My coworker may or may not think that I was raised by a pack of wolves. Let’s discuss why.

Every Tuesday in my office we have a lunch meeting, for which the CEO graciously orders everyone lunch. By default, this automatically makes Tuesday my favorite day of the week (aside from Friday, obvs. TGIF right!?!). I was sitting at my desk eating my steak quesadilla – I dont like to eat in the meeting because I dont like people watching me eat, and since the meeting is boring as all get-out, there isnt much else to do – and UPS comes in with a small package. He sees that I am eating lunch, and says “I’ll release it, I dont need to bother you with a signature.” Great! Thanks! “No problem — its for Mike.”

Roughly fifteen seconds later, Mike walks by the desk. My mouth was full, so I make a grunting noise and point at the package. I then realize that Mike is leading a client out of the office. I love first impressions.


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