Playing Catch Up

Sorry it took me so long to write — the longer I put it off the more daunting it seemed to try and catch up, so I procrastinated. 

I spent this weekend in DC with some of my best college friends. We got a tour of the White House and Capitol — and I still found time to get myself on CNN. I realized that I could never live in DC because when you meet someone, the dreaded “So what do you do?” question actually means “How close are you to Barack?” and turns into an immediate ego-off, which I can’t deal with. Unless I’m the First Lady. 

In preparation for the weekend, I got my eyebrows threaded (seriously I got it done at the place in the video. No lie). Definitely a new and unusual experience. I just wanted to get them waxed, but everyone at my office apparently swears by threading because its more precise, hurts less, and lasts longer. Those 3 statements are what I like to call “Two Truths and a Lie” because let me tell you, the only thing it hurt less than is pulling your own fingernails out one at a time. Have you ever seen the cartoon of the Grinch, where he pulls out the garland and the nails pop out of the fire place one by one? That is what my eyebrow hairs felt like. It was agonizing. I have to say, they look pretty good now, but I don’t know if it was worth bawling like a baby. Some guy on my walk home shouted “che bella” so it couldn’t have been that bad, I guess. 

Did anyone see Kell on Earth tonight? Buh-bye Steph V!!


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