The Colbert Show

How could you not love him?

Wednesday night I was lucky enough to have tickets to the Colbert Report – the Holy Grail of television tickets. My friend and I got there around 5PM to stand in line, and were herded like cattle through a variety of lines, clipboards, and security checks until we got until the final destination: a small room with an old-school tube television showing Colbert episodes. After being herded into that holding pen for about half an hour to 45 minutes, we finally got to enter the studio. The audience was a lot smaller than I expected, only about 125 people. A comedien (Pete Domenick maybe?) did some stand up while we were waiting, and then the moment arrived.

Stephen came in, and we were allowed to ask him some questions out of character. Some dumb girl immediately said “I’ll shave my head if you’ll sing the national anthem with me”. He gamingly replied “You don’t have to shave your head, come on down here! I’ll sing the bass line, okay?” He was great! It was hands down the best thing I’ve ever seen. Someone asked him what his favorite moment in LOTR is, and he gave some really geeked-out answer that I couldn’t follow in the slightest.

The show was bits and pieces of pretaped footage from Vancouver, along with an interview with Scott Hamilton. It was really cool to see the way TV shows work and are taped; I’d never been to one before. I really would love to go back when he has his regular set up and is doing a political show.

And next time I’m coming with a great question in mind. Any ideas?


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