Red Rum

I accidentally killed a mouse this morning.

We had a party Saturday night, and hadn’t gotten around to cleaning everything up yet. The cooler was open on the floor in the kitchen, with a bit of water in the bottom from melted ice. I went for my morning bowl of cereal and saw a little brown shape hiding behind a Solo cup in the cooler. I turned the lights on to confirm my worst fear: our cooler had turned into a mouse pool.

I used the red cup to scoop up the soggy mouse – he was so tiny! They are gross to have in your house, but their little ears are so cute. Okay, anyways, he was still alive and bewildered when I picked him up. To keep him from jumping out (hey, I dont know what kind of leaping powers they have), I stacked another Solo cup on top of him, leaving enough room so that he wasnt crushed. I carried him like this the 10 blocks to Central Park on the way to work.

On the final corner I decided to take a peek at him while I was waiting for the light to change. To my horror, he was splayed face down in a mouse-sized puddle of water. Okay, maybe “horror” is an exaggeration, but I certainly didn’t mean for him to die! I guess I either hadn’t left him enough room or had tilted the cup so that he had no room to breathe. Oops. This is 2/5 mice that have ended up dead after we humanely trapped. What a horrible track record.

The exterminator is finally coming some time today or tomorrow, so hopefully this is the last mouse post…


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