I generally like to think of myself as an astute person. Thats why when I looked up at the fire escapes near my apartment and saw Spiderman, I was proud of myself for spotting a superhero. Then I realized that I had been tricked by the national flag flying above the Cambodian Embassy next to my building.

You can’t tell me that if the wind was whipping that flag around the fire escape, you wouldn’t mistake it for Spiderman — its red and blue and the palace looks like  a spiderweb when its all bunched up!

Even if you think I’m stupid, it turned out for the best. I was so smitten with how ridiculous I had been that I walked down to tell Super Larry what I had just done (Larry is our super, not another guy in uniform that I consistently mistake for a superhero). When I got to Larry’s building he wasn’t there, but the other doorman, Julio, was there and I told him my story. After discussing how feasible my mistake was – thanks for humoring me, Julio – I spotted a relatively clean looking bookcase on the curb. My roommate and I have been wanting an Ikea bookcase for ages, but since Ikea doesn’t let you order anything online, we’ve been putting it off. I snatched up the bookcase, lugged it upstairs myself, and its now decorated with some extra odds & ends we’ve had lying around. Including the new Cosmo with my hero on the cover. We’ve decided to paint the background of the bookcase the same color tan that is in our painting, so when that gets done I’ll share a picture.


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