This weekend was certainly full of opposites, from beer pong to babies.

Friday night my roommate and I met up with some college friends for drinks and dancing. First at ACE bar, then Arlo & Esme. We met a guy at ACE who decided to follow us to the next bar — his coolness was inversely proportional to his BAC, so by the end of the night we decided to ditch him. The night ended with a trek to Papaya Dog, which at 4AM is akin to Mecca.

Saturday it was beautiful out: people were playing frisbee, lounging in the sun, pushing strollers full of happy kids. It was a great day to be a baby. I saw some guys playing beach volleyball on the sand court, and they looked pretty good, so I decided to introduce myself. They were super friendly, invited me to come play with them, and said in the summer they all trek to the beach and play all day. Sounds like heaven. One of them – Russian Andre – told us he reps DJs and knows every nightclub owner in NYC, so he was going to take us out to dinner and clubbing. Uh oh.

That night we split time between reality and a coked-out fantasy land. Met up at Sutton Place with some guys for rooftop drinks, then headed a few blocks down to Nikki Beach to meet up with Andre and pals. He brought us in, gave us the best mojito I’ve ever had in my life, introduced us to “everyone who’s anyone” (not really but in my head I imagined thats what he was trying to do), and then said CHOP CHOP We have to go! We jumped in a cab and headed down to a relatively deserted street in the meatpacking district. A few velvet ropes later, we were standing at the top of a foggy staircase looking down at M2. Talk about feeling out of place — this place was strictly bottle service, with at least a 4:1 girl/guy ratio, chicks in lingerie parading around on top of boxes throughout the club. Andre led the two of us and three of his other Eastern European lady friends into the VIP section – it felt like hanging out with the Communist bloc. We only stayed for about 15 minutes, fully assessing the scene, before scooting out and heading back to Sutton Place. We spent the rest of the night playing beer pong and dancing – much more my speed.

Sunday was another park day, another great day to be a baby. It solidified my need to get a dog: all I want to do is take my dog on a walk in the park! I spent most of Sunday in recovery mode, trying to reboot for this morning. Mission Impossible; I still feel like crap.

Next purchase: big flat screen HD TV. Thank you Life.


3 thoughts on “Extremes

  1. daroomie says:

    Great day to be a baby…yes.
    Dog…not till i move out.

  2. Hignacaccug says:

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    don’t quit as well as keep writing for the reason that it just well worth to look through it.
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  3. […] last week when I met Russian Andre? Well on Tuesday I wrote on the email chain that I went out with Russian Andre this past weekend […]

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