The Elephant Walk!

Last night I probably got as close to an elephant as I ever will. The circus came to town, and instead of unloading the elephants off the train under MSG, they get off in Queens and walk throught the Midtown tunnel and down 34th street. They shut the entire tunnel and street down, so the elephants walk in between midnight and 2AM. We arrived around midnight, and waited until around 1AM for them to come through. The 6 elephants walked in a line, nose-to-tail, followed by a dozen miniature ponies and some clowns on rickshaws. Surprisingly, they were walking really quickly (long legs?) and it only took them about 15 seconds to pass us! Like everyone else, we tried to walk down the sidewalk to follow them, but seriously – they move quick. Worth waiting 60 minutes in the rain? Definitely. Do I feel like I went on a serious bender last night? Yes and yes.

Im still waiting for the baby cheetah parade.


One thought on “The Elephant Walk!

  1. daroomie says:

    We should definitely write the mayor to suggest a baby cheetah parade.

    if that comes about we need to invest in jet packs and rent a sweet video camera

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