Strangers with Candy

You know what I hate more than anything in the city? (tonight, at least) Those creepy black town cars that drive by and honk at you as if to say “Beep! Hey you, on the sidewalk! On the phone! Bet you didn’t know it, but I bet you would love an overpriced ride in a town car!” Doesn’t matter what you’re doing — walking a dog, on your way to the gym, juggling clementines– these drivers think its their responsibility to alert you to the fact that you probably need a ride wherever you’re going. Let me just issue this blanket statement to all the conspicuous town car drivers in NYC: No, I would not like a ride in your pompous, overpriced taxi, thank you very much.


One thought on “Strangers with Candy

  1. Rob Glynn says:

    Just so you know, it’s illegal for anything but a medallion (yellow) cab to pick up fares off of the street. So, you have the legal high ground here as well.

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