April Fools

Instead of trying to play an online April Fools joke on the 4 people that read this, I figured I would tell you about the great joke I played on my friend Pat. One of my good friends that lives in DC, Pat is the quintessential gay guy – sleeveless shirts, Glee, Lady Gaga. Almost any stereotype you can imagine, he fulfills it. Anyways, one of his obsessions is reality television. When he was in Cancun the same time as Real World Cancun, we never heard the end of it.

Remember last week when I met Russian Andre? Well on Tuesday I wrote on the email chain that I went out with Russian Andre this past weekend and met this gentleman in the VIP section who is in charge of pitching shows at MTV. I even created a fake email address and emailed myself, signing this guys name, in case I needed proof but I should have known that Pat would be so gullible. I said that he and I had talked about making a True Life: Life After College, and that the cameras should follow me and the 4 other friends on my email chain. The catch was that Pat wouldn’t be on the show because MTV had had such a “hard time” filming and getting permits in DC that they would never go back. He was devastated. Two of my other friends, who went along with it, responded with emails of their own saying that they had already been contacted. Pat asked me to give the guy his contact info anyways: “Maybe if they see me at your birthday at like me, they’ll tape me and my friends down at Rehobeth this summer!”

The next day I sent an email out “Emergency! I have a screen test tonight and I dont know what to wear!” Ever the flatterer, Pat told me that I have great style and I was sure to knock ’em dead. Thanks for the compliment! When I got to work this morning, Pat immediately hounded me for an email update. “Later! I’m at work!”

I finally wrote an email this afternoon saying that I went to MTV studios, sat in front of a green screen, answered a few questions, and pressured my new friend about a show for Pat. I said “Well Pat I have some news for you. The good news is that he agreed, if we’re on TV you will be too. The bad news is that none of us are going to be on TV because this was an April Fools joke.”

He was furious! But really, to me it gets funnier every time I think about it. We also have a friend overseas that Im 98% sure bought the story as well, except that she thinks shes going to be on TV, so it’ll be interesting to see what she has to say when she reads that last email…


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