Captial Grille

I had the best meal of my life a few days ago at Capital Grille, and now that I’ve digested everything its time to recap it for you (that and I’m starving at work and the best way to relieve that is to taste vicariously through this dinner). My motto is that any place where the waiters re-fold your napkin when you run to the restroom is a classy place. This is a classy place.

I did some research before I went on the date to see what to wear, and I was blown away. The wine cellar has over 700 wines, and they serve almost exclusively steak and seafood. When you walk in the front door, there are mahogany lockers where loyal patrons can buy their favorite wines and reserve them for their next visit. I would say that I’m easily impressed, but doesn’t that impress you too?

Dinner was literally the best meal I’ve ever eaten. From shrimp cocktail to filet mignon to lobster macaroni to fries drizzled with truffle oil to esspresso cake (alright I’m getting a little carried away here), everything was amazing. Being the classy lady that I am, I stuffed myself because I knew it would be a long time before I ate this nicely again. I would say this is a few notches above $5 footlongs or the street meat I’ve become so fond of.

Of course, in addition to being the most delicious meal I’ve ever had it was also the most expensive. Luckily it wasn’t my treat, and that made the food all the more tasty.

Bon appetit!


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