A Week in Review

Okay sorry about being MIA but for once I was actually a little busy all week and couldn’t find time to post at work. Imagine that!

Monday night was my volleyball game with Zog Sports; my team decided to sign up together again for the spring season. Hopefully this is the year we take it all!! I’ve been implementing some two-a-day workouts and some serious mental toughness training, so I think we’re prepared. And by that I mean I’ve been eating lots and lots of pasta.

Tuesday Amanda and I and some friends experimented with some rooftop drinking. Its not exactly what you would call a rooftop terrace; its more like a dingy roof where you’re likely to catch tetanus and get poisoned by asbestos, but hey, a rooftop is a rooftop. We took some blankets and beers up there for a hilarious weeknight.

Wednesday night was trivia and $1 beers. Some co-workers and I headed down to Cornerstone on 51st and 2nd to test our knowledge. I won’t even lie: I was awful. It was mostly entertainment based, and I sucked! I don’t even know if I can show my face next week.

Thursday I did the responsible thing and went to the gym. Lame!

Friday night my parents were here, so we went to dinner at Angelo’s, an Italian restaurant down the street, and then I went out at Sutton Place. Note to self: this isn’t college, so please wear a jacket if its cold. For some reason I thought a cardigan would suffice, and ended up being “that girl” that made everyone sit under the outdoor heater at the bar.

Saturday I woke up bright, early and hung over for a full day of sightseeing. We first went to the Central Park Zoo. I wasn’t aware that it was Strollerpalooza — there were kids everywhere! Seriously, who takes their kids to the zoo on a Saturday morning. Have some class. Anyways, it was cool to see the zoo from the inside and not just peering over the fence on my lunch hour. After that we had lunch at Goodburger before heading down to the Brooklyn Bridge. Much longer than I expected! It was jam full of tourists, and some guy did a running flip off one of the pillars of the bridge. Real cool, man. After that it was off to Chinatown and Little Italy, and then home for a much needed nap. Dinner was at this great Mexican restaurant Ah! Chihuahua. Another note to self: don’t eat Mexican before trying to go out. Bad news bears.

Today I got to sleep in a little bit before grabbing an unbelievable bagel with an old college friend. Then I got some half-off tickets for Mary Poppins at TKTS — what a great show! Again though, what’s with all the kids? Can’t I enjoy something in this town without a bunch of five year olds screaming and kicking my seat? Anyways, that was that and I cooked us all dinner afterwards.

I know you were dying for a literal blow-by-blow of my week. Hopefully next time I can think of something shorter and funnier, but at the moment I’m exhausted and pretty excited to watch America: The Story of Us.


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