I guess the shoe’s on the other foot now. This morning I was running a tad late for work but still decided to saunter across the subway platform because hey, its Monday morning. In my peripheral I see a sassy blonde behind me approaching quickly, so I try to veer off to one side to let her pass without having to swerve. I guess she anticipated me NOT moving, so she took off to the same side I did. I saw this and tried to get out of her way, although unfortunately she did the same thing. It was like one of those awkward “oh, Im going this way… oh, excuse me… uh okay just stand still I’ll pass you, thanks for the dance” but in reverse. Finally I decided to stick to my guns and let her maneuvre around me (thats what I always do when I’m the sassy one), and she gets real close to me and mutters “For the love of GOD!” A little uncalled for, I’d say. Sorry that you left the house too late, but accept it and move on. Her train arrived the same time as mine, and I said a silent goodbye to the Monday Morning Agressor as we pulled away from the platform together.


One thought on “Oops.

  1. Jill says:

    Ahh i hate awkward moments like that!

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