<3 SUBWAY <3

By now my love for Subway has been well documented. To the point where I got Subway gift cards for my birthday — totally not complaining. Nothing perks up the workday like a footlong ham & cheese. My one issue with Subway is their “uniformity.” In the sense that it isn’t uniform — one day your sammie has a good amount of cheese, the next you get 3 little triangles. I finally found someone who noticed this and feels the same way, and had the wherewithall to express it in my favorite form: MS Paint.

I think this perfectly demonstrates the necessity of having a mandated 6 slices of cheese per 12 inches of sandwich. It would remove the anxiety I experience when deciding between a ham & cheese and a meatball sub. So thank you, Hyperbole and a Half, for expressing my feelings for me.


2 thoughts on “<3 SUBWAY <3

  1. Rob Glynn says:

    I’ve never agreed with Subway’s cheese = gold policy. How can a chicken sandwich cost $5, but replace the chicken with three triangles of cheese and Subway wants $5.65?

  2. Jill says:

    I love subway! I always get turkey or italian mix. I know what you mean, some workers give u a lot of toppings and other skimp!

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