In less than 24 hours, Justin Bieber will be gracing Rockefeller Center with his prepubescent presence. In preparation, fans are already camping out along the streets to get a spot in the front rows of the Today Show concert.

The best part about the “fans” camping out is that the parent-to-kid ratio is at least 4:1. I can spot at least 3 dads in this picture alone who were sent out here to camp out overnight just to have Princess join them in the morning. To you, sirs, I say Stay Strong!

My office sent an email out reminding us to get here early due to the riots that will most likely be breaking out across the street around 8:30AM. Silver lining: I get to punt some teenieboppers without guilt.


Getting to work wasn’t as bad as I thought. I watched some of the Today show before I left for work, and it was straight up chaos outside. They interviewed Jonah Hill (cant wait to see Get Him to the Greek tonight!!) and you couldn’t hear anything he was saying over the screaming fans in the background. Here’s what it looked like when I came into work this morning:

Its amazing how many “JUSTIN ITS MY 12 BIRTHDAY!!” signs there were….


2 thoughts on “BIEBER FEVER

  1. Adam says:

    Note to self: maintain a minimum 3 block buffer from Rock Center when walking to work tomorrow.

  2. […] wrong, but there’s already at least 5 or 10 people camped out for front-row seats. That beats the Bieb by at least 8 […]

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