Not an Ohioan either…

I’ve been out of town a lot in the past month: North Carolina, Rhode Island, and most recently Ohio. I have to say that while I’m not a New Yorker, I certainly miss the Big Apple while I’m gone.

North Carolina is home, and will always be my favorite place to rest my head. It’s suburbia at its finest and is full of sweet tea, over-friendly strangers and everything fried.

Rhode Island is my favorite non-island island! I love going there and having clam cakes in excess, low humidity and being 20 minutes away from everything.

Ohio is a beautiful weekend escape. Its mile after mile of corn field and farm land, and shirts at the airport say “Nothing tips like a Cow.” I was visiting my grandparents there, so I did nothing but eat pie and play dominos.

While I enjoy getting out of the city sometimes, when I finally got back to my apartment last night, it really felt like home. I missed the busyness of the streets, I missed how the city is full of the things you need and things you don’t, I missed being able to go places and not worrying about running into someone you know, I missed feeling like I wasn’t missing anything. New York won’t be my permanent home, but there will always be pieces of it that I’ll hold dear to my heart.


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