Summer in the City

Okay. Here it is. The official start of my Summer in the City.

I’m aware its already been summer for a while. There is a 3-day heat advisory in effect — I’m not talking about the weather. The past few weekends I’ve been traveling (most recently to Boston for the 4th of July with some college friends), but from here on out I promise to be faithful!

I’m beyond excited to see how the city comes out of its’ shell with the warm weather. Tonight is kicking off the summer in the best way possible: LADY GAGA CONCERT!!! I’ve wanted tickets since they announced the tour, but of course they sold out in 3 milliseconds. Last week I decided that it was worth it to spend the money and bought floor tickets. When else am I going to see Gaga, top of her game, at MSG? I told Amanda that I was going, and she said “I want a full report tomorrow on the orgasmic level of that show” to which I replied that I think I’m going to feel like one of the 12 Disciples. Honestly, I think Jesus is the only person I would be more excited to see.

I expect this blog to take an upward swing as I make more of a conscious effort not only to do more cool things, but to write about them more frequently as well. So if you need someone to live vicariously through, I formally nominate myself (until it gets cold and I hibernate like a brown bear). So grab a John Daly, hit the rooftop, and prepare for a summer of awesomeness.


One thought on “Summer in the City

  1. Jill says:

    Cool, I’d love to see her in concert!

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