Confession time.

Okay dear readers, I think we’ve gotten pretty close over the past few months. I’ve told you about my embarrassing moments, my hopes and dreams, and my greatest accomplishments — now its time for me to come clean.

I have an obsession.

Books. I will bring lunch for a week, return $5 dresses, wear my contacts for longer than I should simply to stretch a few dollars, but I have absolutely no problem buying an endless supply of books.

It honestly makes no sense. Libraries exist. But there’s something about owning the books that makes me feel good. I like going back and rereading them, underlining things, dog-earing pages. But whats the point of owning them? To impress the people that come to your apartment? Its not like I carry a wallet-sized photo of my bookshelf to show people at the airport. When I moved here and had no job, I stretched ramen for days but still found money to buy a new book or two. My parents said “Why don’t you just go to the library, save some money?” I remember yelling back at them “Why don’t I just go to a soup kitchen!?! That could save money too!!” Yes. I’m irrational.

I decided to soften the blow of my newly-prescribed expensive contacts by taking a stroll through Barnes & Noble. It seems counter-intuitive to spend money to make myself feel better about having to spend money, but that’s beside the point. I went in and bought 3 books that I’ve been wanting (lots of time traveling = lots of times in airports = lots of time reading the back of book covers in Hudson News = long wish list). When I got back to work we were discussing my purchases and one of my co-workers recommended a book so highly that I immediately ordered it on Amazon.

My next reads:

Hi, my name is Sue and I’m a bookaholic.


4 thoughts on “Confession time.

  1. Lyndsey says:

    I have a book buying obsession as well…there are only two times I regret this. 1) When I am moving and most of my time spent moving is hauling boxes of books. 2) When I have bills to pay.
    Amazon’s used books…that’s the way to go! You can find books for A PENNY, plus shipping. Most of the times the books have been in great condition. Just a thought!

  2. DEFINITELY! Trust me I already have One-Click buying set up, but sometimes I just love the whole bookstore thing. Before my office moved I used to buy used books at the Strand stand on the corner of the park (classics for like $2), but now I dont have time to run up there….

  3. Lyndsey says:

    One-click buying: you are brave…that spells danger to me!
    Are there any used bookstores not too far from you? I guess if it’s NYC they might be a little more than the used books down here in Philly, but it still might save you some $$$. I LOVE used book stores. Ahh the smell.

  4. daroomie says:

    Had Summer at Tiffany in my hand today at the bookstore, and that was before reading this. Turns out your good taste rubbed off on me…

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