Movin’ on Up

That title may make you think of the Jeffersons, but believe me: I have some bad news. My mobster-guido landlord told me 2 days ago that he isn’t renewing my lease (he promised it to “a cousin”) so I have to move out of my beloved apartment.

Moment of silence, please.

That being said, being back on the apartment hunt is DEVASTATING. I don’t know how on earth I did this long distance, because attempting to find a place within a 20 block radius is proving to be an uphill battle. I feel like I’m betraying my apartment every time I check another one out. I always compare them to her, and they never measure up! How did I get such a good deal the first time around, and why can’t I just stay there?!

So, if I’m a bit MIA over the next few weeks, that’s why. But expect a HELL of a post about real estate brokers and landlords when I return.


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