This sucks.

Its hard to write about anything besides my apartment search. If its not photos of closets that have been resized to look like full rooms, its the hurdle of trying to look at apartments during business hours. If not that, its trying to come up with $4,000 for security deposits, fees, and credit checks. I have spent the past week running around the east side of Manhattan with nothing to show for it except a shit-ton of “Unknown” numbers in my phone.

Seriously, finding an apartment is like trying to buy drugs. You ask everyone you know: “Do you know of a place? Do you know somewhere I could find a place? Maybe you know someone who knows someone that does?” Then you spend all day calling random numbers, starting off with, “So I heard you have an apartment on ____”. Then they pull a bait-and-switch and show you a railroad apartment instead of the **~~MURRAY HILL MaNsIoN~~** they promised.

God bless anyone that lives in NYC, simply for the fact that they had to find a place to live.


One thought on “This sucks.

  1. Rob Glynn says:

    It’s worse than buying drugs, because landlords and realtors are less ethical than drug dealers.

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