Bag Lady

Since I (think) I have a place to live now, and have to move in a few weeks, and this whole process has been expensive as sin, I’ve become even more thrifty than normal. Mostly I mean the fact that I am swiping boxes any way I can. Last night I carried home an armful of 7 broken-down boxes from the office. On the subway. Meaning that everyone hated me. I hated me, and I was benefiting from it. But some things have to be done. Tonight I picked up a box from atop a pile of trash. Seriously. I figure that I live in a pretty nice part of town, it was outside of a designer’s store, it looked clean, so I grabbed it. I’m sure everyone in the line of cars that saw me take it thinks I’m gross, but whatever.

In totally unrelated news (my favorite kind), I just picked up The Devil in the White City. I read a few chapters in the park, and it seems pretty good. While I was reading, a bird pooped on my shoulder. Happy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. Adam says:

    Best title ever.

  2. Avi says:

    devil in the white city is one of my favorite books. but I’m kind nerdy in that historical fiction way. erik larson is a GREAT writer!

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