Uncollected Thoughts

I’m exhausted from a marathon trip to Housing Works and the new Target, so I’m just going to be lazy and do this in bullet points. Feel free to elaborate in your own mind.

  • Sometimes weekends are even less relaxing than work weeks. Not that anything unpleasant happened, but its Sunday afternoon and the thought of having to drag my ass out of bed in 18 hours is quite daunting.
  • Tried to go see Harvard Sailing Team’s last summer show on Friday night, but it was sold out. Drank a beer on the floor of Penn Station with a friend instead and got called a “LEZZZZbian ass bitch” by a homeless man. He also said I was a bad cook.
  • I dogsat for some old volleyball teammates of mine Saturday night. Their apartment is wicked nice, and being around a dog just for 24 hours made me really want to get one. Now.
  • Why is Harlem so far away? More practically, why hasn’t someone invented a molecular teleportation device for public use yet?
  • Devil in the White City is a great book.
  • Professor Thoms = fun
  • Finally got a little sun this weekend. By a little sun I mean the outline of my swimsuit bottoms is burnt, and the rest of me still looks pale.
  • Hung out with one of my best friends all weekend!
  • I would pay top dollar for an anti-drunk-texting app.
  • There is so much food in my pantry but I can’t think of anything to make besides pasta.

Okay this list is really starting to go downhill; now I’m just making stuff up. Hopefully I’ll get a little rest soon and write a better post.

And oh yeah: Don Draper tonight.


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