Where are you going? Crazy.

Today is further proof that only crazy people ride the subway in the middle of the day. I had to go downtown to pick up a check (another ridiculous story) and on the way back, got into a train full of unsuspectingly quiet passengers. Out of nowhere, I hear “Get the FUCK outta my face!!!!”

The whole car turned to see a transsexual in heavy makeup harassing an ordinary lady sitting across from her. “I don’t understand why you’re STARING at me, its rude. Thats what happens when people grow up without no mammas. I should kill you and slap your mother. I mean, you can glaaaance but there’s no need to keep gawking at me. Oh whats that, now you’re embarrassed? You better stand the fuck up and get off this train ‘fore I kick your ass. I’ll do it right here on this train. Lookin’ at me like you don’t got no manners” etc., etc.

The urge to look over at this scene taking place was almost irresistible, although the whole car knew that looking over would add fuel to the fire. All of us just sat there, looking at our feet, trying to use our other 4 senses to get as much information as possible. I stole one glance over my shoulder as I left — like I said, only crazy people (and their boyfriends) ride the subway in the middle of the day.


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