I’m going to take this time to apologize for my lame, short posts lately. Not that my blog is the only bright spot in your day, but just in case it is, sorry for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been too busy in reality to take much time out for virtual reality [remember this music video on MTV?].

This past weekend I went back down to my college town for a good old fashioned weekend of debauchery, bad decisions and tandem bikes. Friday night was a wedding reception for a good friend of ours, then Saturday was spent lounging by the pool, playing volleyball, and watching baseball at the bar. I don’t know whether it was seeing old friends, being out of the city, being back in Newark or a combination of the three, but that was one of the best weekends I’ve had all summer. It was just the sort of good times I needed before this hectic week.

Last night was my last cooking class. We ended on a high note, with handmade gnocchi, roasted lamb, and polenta with sausage. This class was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done in the city, and I’m glad I did it sooner rather than later. Next on my list is to get my scuba diving certification (seriously). Beyond just teaching me how to cook, this class taught me that it can be extremely rewarding to pursue something you enjoy. So again, if you have an interest in something, take a class! Don’t be afraid!

In other news, I keep buying accessories and decorations for my new room. That I haven’t moved into yet. I’m not even 100% certain all my furniture will fit in there, yet I have an armful of candles, plants, and picture frames to wedge into every nook and cranny. The past few days, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time laying on my bed, looking around my room at the bright blue walls, and having an intense feeling of dread for when I have to paint over them this weekend. Who wants to place over/under bets on how many coats of paint it will take? I say 3.

I should probably stop procrastinating work now.


One thought on “Sorry.

  1. Adam says:

    Umm. Please get certified. I would to have a scuba diving buddy that isn’t my dad.

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