Catching Up

Okay, I really owe you guys an update on my life. And by you guys, I mean all 3 people who read this blog religiously. I talk to you almost every day anyways, but I guess you like a paper trail?

Last week I… don’t really remember what I did. A lot of unpacking and organizing and figuring out my room. The good news is that I’m super happy with the way its turning out — much more relaxing than my previous blueberry explosion room.

Friday night I went out with some of my friends from college. Lesson: Don’t buy yourself a pocket-rocket of vodka unless you intend on misbehaving. Once you open it, immature actions are not a choice. They WILL happen. Long story short, I did lots of dancing and acted like I was back at Kates. After everyone abandoned me, Liz and I hit up Papaya Dog for some quality corn dogs and girl talk. Yep, I said corn dogs and girl talk.

Saturday I headed out to Coney Island with my best friend – a book. It was deceptively cloudy, and I ended up with a crispy sunburn. Despite being the only caucasian within a 2 mile radius, I had a good time and hopefully I’ll be going back that weekend. That night I trekked up to the UWS and went out with some musically-talented friends of mine. I didn’t drink as much as I thought I did, and I spent the whole time telling everyone how much I hate my glasses. I really know how to be the life of the party, huh.

Sunday was an adventure. In a bad way. I scoured thrift shops on the UES for a table/desk for my room, and finally found one once it started pouring rain out. After I got it home, I made some pizza and watched Invictus. The one thing I took away from that movie was the intense depression and confusion I felt upon realizing, yet again, that I am not BFF with Morgan Freeman. Had a little Don Draper nightcap and passed out.

Wow, sometimes writing stuff down makes you feel really cool. But sometimes it just makes you feel lame. I promise, my weekend was way more fun than I made it sound.


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