I’d Like You to Meet GC

Let me paint a picture for you: I’m sitting here in my underwear and blasting Lady Gaga while taking a break from painting a chair I just bought at Housing Works, so I figured I would write a bit between coats. Here goes.

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote, so I’ll just leave you some highlights. Two weekends ago I spent Friday night dancing like a fool (I think I told you about this actually) and then Saturday night was dinner and then meeting up with old friends from school.

Last week one of my very best friends Joe moved to White Plains for law school, so I talked him into coming to enjoy a night with me before hell started. Wednesday night we he took me to Koreatown for dinner, where we very conspicuously ordered a bottle of Soje and went shot-for-shot while everyone else was enjoying a delightful evening. After that we went to Bar XII, one of my favs, for throwback free drinks. After THAT disaster we trekked over to Johnny Utah’s for some bull riding. Along the way I saw some really nice furniture on the curb and announced, “I NEED THAT!” When I got closer – and had my hands on a chair – I realized that someone was actually loading all that stuff into their car. And they were standing right there. Embarrassing!

Thursday night I went to a WNBA game as MSG to watch an old friend play. I went with another friend from high school and had so much fun! It was great to catch up, and we went out for apps/drinks after the game. Im so glad we all got a chance to hang out again, and I didnt realize that one of them lives in NYC, so thats going to pay off in the future. I am actually going to another game tomorrow night which I”m looking forward to.

The weekend — I guess this is a good time to introduce you to my Gentleman Caller. GC and I have been going on dates for the past couple weeks, but I wanted to keep it a secret until I was sure I wouldn’t jinx anything. Friday night I told GC I had a surprise date for him, and spent the day texting him crazy questions like “Are you afraid of clowns?” “How many hot dogs do you think you can eat in 5 minutes?” “Do you think theres a 24-hour tuxedo rental place in the city?” Needless to say he was pretty confused, but my surprise was actually pretty tame — take out and a movie.

The next night proved to be a much bigger adventure. Saturday I had 2 parties I needed to get to, all my friends wanted to meet GC, and he wanted me to come to a party with him. I went solo to a housewarming party in Alphabet City first, for about an hour. I was pretty anxious about getting everywhere I needed to go – of course everything was in opposite corners of the city – so I went a little heavy on the RB&Vs. By the time I got over to GC’s party in Tribeca, I had wings. I actually had  a great time there, and spent a big chunk of the night talking to his best friend out on the balcony. After THAT we were headed to my friend’s birthday party somewhere on the UWS. By the time I got in touch with them they were headed to the West Village, so we tried to meet them at a bar there. Long story short, wires got crossed, and we spent 30 minutes wandering around a PACKED bar looking for my friends, who ended up being in a different bar. By the time we got there the door was closed, so it was a failed attempt. Wamp wamp.

Sunday I was lazy in the park with some friends, and then eventually curled up with Don Draper later that night. Last night and tonight are pretty quiet, but tomorrow night is the WNBA game and then AMANDA COMES BACK INTO TOWN TO VISIT!!!!!! We’re going to tear ish up — and little does she know I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve for her.

Alright I think that was long enough, that should hold you over for a few more days until I have time to write again…..


One thought on “I’d Like You to Meet GC

  1. I love Mad Men. The only problem is trying to tell people who haven’t seen it what it’s about. They always seem to think it sounds boring.

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