Labor Day

This past weekend was definitely one for the books, and Ive been spending the past few days trying to deny reality (work). Thursday night was a huge mess of RB&Vs, beer pong and borderline inappropriateness, resulting in a group bagel trip at 3AM. Thank god work was short the next day because I wanted to curl up and die in a pool of Gatorade. Amanda got to snooze in bed all day while I worked to bring home the bacon — she’s a lucky girl. I took it extra easy that night because I had to get rested for THE RENAISSANCE FAIRE with GC the next morning…..

Im not going to tell you every detail about the Ren Faire (as the lords and ladies call it), but suffice to say there were plenty of bustiers and velvet tights. I tried to drink my way through it, but got tuckered out after three beers and decided that it was probably better to be sober when dealing people that far out of touch with reality. When we got back, GC and I made dinner and watched Shopgirl — I liked the movie but from what I’d heard I expected it to be much better. But really, its hard to beat Steve Martin. I’d rather watch him floss his teeth than any of the Twilight movies. Did you know he writes and plays the banjo and lots of other cool stuff? Pleasure of My Company is one of my favorite books, and I’m about to read Pure Drivel too.

Sunday I ended up going to the park with my co-friend Jennifer and some of her friends. Things got a bit out of hand when Jose came around selling margaritas, so we headed to Brother Jimmys to finish the night off. For once I had a hard time keeping my eyes open during Mad Men…

Monday was an epic picnic full of beverages, watermelon, dip and puppies. The lovely Joseph graced us with his presence, and everyone (mostly Jess, because shes been dying to) got to meet GC. Every time I spend a day in the park with friends I become more and more obsessed with it – right now its my favorite thing in the world.

So thats where things are at right now. Tonight Im introducing my coworkers to Johnny Utahs (probably a bad decision on my part), then going to a volleyball happy hour to meet my new team. Then its movie night with GC — hopefully something romantic like District 9 (true story: I rented that for one of our first few dates and then realized I’m an odd bird).

I also decided what I’m going to be for Halloween. Any guesses? Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!


One thought on “Labor Day

  1. Jill says:

    I love that your weekend involved many drink varieties :)I ❤ mad men! It's just sad to watch because my ex bf introduced it to me and it reminds me of him whenever i watch it.

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