Not Cool

This has been happening outside my window every early AM for the past week. Including Labor Day. Im pretty sure I could sleep through constant jackhammering, but its one of those BBRRRRRRR…BRRGG……BRRRGHHG………………………(is it over?)…. BRRRRGGGGGGRRRRRGGT!!

Did anyone watch Mad Men last night? That Don Draper seriously just gets more charming every episode. Minus the drinking and the womanizing…

Also, thats not really a picture of my street. I just googled jackhammering. Don’t know why anyone would care either way. Except I didnt take the time to go take a picture of people doing construction work on my street. Just FYI.


2 thoughts on “Not Cool

  1. daroomie says:

    Ha! In the middle of reading that I was like, OMG She totally looked like a tourist posting up with her camera taking pictures of NYC Construction. I’m so glad for you that that was a google image.

  2. […] up at 8AM this Saturday because ConEd is making some sort of “improvements” outside my window, which include a jackhammer and some sort of devilish snake vacuum thing […]

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