Tonight Jen, her sister, Amanda, Ryan and I headed down to San Gennaro for a little catch-up time before Jen heads to Spain and Amanda heads to LA. It wasn’t the nicest night out, but the rain tapered off before we got there. It was still pretty deserted, so we had almost full run of the street. Good thing, because how else would the festival workers be able to heckle us? We got lots of free games, including free tokens for the most ghetto game of Plinko ever invented. It was basically a tilted piece of particleboard with nails and rubberbands, probably rife with tetanus.

The rest of the festival was pretty non-descript — lots of impossibly rigged festival games and delicious fried things. I was supposed to take some pictures for another blog I write for, so I kept having to sneak around and spot photo ops. I looked like a grade-A tourist; it was great. Brought home some left over pizza for lunch tomorrow–sweet moves. Monday I’m headed back to watch little Jessie sing!


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