A Weekend of Observations

This weekend I was dogsitting for some friends in the Financial District, so I took this as my opportunity to explore parts of town I rarely visit. Some thoughts from a weekend spent mainly (and happily) by myself:

  • A good brunch is just as satisfying by yourself (and a good book) as with friends
  • Dogs really are man’s best friend
  • Once you splurge on something, its hard to go back to the not-splurge versions of the same thing
  • The more you honk the less effective it becomes. So quit.
  • 15% Discount at Banana Republic with a student ID — all the time!
  • I didn’t see a single celebrity in 6 hours’ worth of rambling around Tribeca, Soho and the Village
  • I should visit Washington Square Park more often
  • Shake Shack is probably overrated. But I wouldn’t know because I didn’t have the patience to wait in line.
  • I saw a girl chase a squirrel with her laptop, facing away from her, presumably so that whoever she was video chatting with could see the squirrel. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Eataly is the best thing to happen to me since….I went to Italy
  • A bad burger shared with a friend is still a great lunch
  • The best-dressed children hang out near Chambers Street
  • No matter what, Subway construction is a pain in the ass

Alright now I’m just grasping at straws here. That may or may not be the product of a House marathon Saturday night. I had good intentions of leaving the apartment, but ….


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