Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

There are few things in this world that always make me laugh. This very short list includes “that’s what she said” jokes, Kittens Inspired by Kittens, and surprise trust falls. The most recent addition to this list is Yelp reviews where the reviewer tries to insinuate how drunk they got at the restaurant. Who cares!??! Who is reading this that you want to impress?? Some examples:

  • Considering the strength of the margaritas (not to mention the amount of refried beans you will consume) I’d strongly suggest dining here only with close and trusted friends. Otherwise you may end up sitting on a bench in Washington Square Park at 10pm wondering how you got there. Not that anything like that happened to me (thanks for the ride Kevin)!
  • They serve a wonderful $40 pitcher of margaritas. And by “pitcher of margaritas,” I mean “pitcher of tequila with trace amounts of unknown lemon/lime flavoring added that will erase any and all memories of the evening.”
  • Mom loved the fact that they had a wide array of different fish dishes on a prefixed menu because she doesn’t eat meat and the unlimited sangria made for an “oh so special Mother’s day…” hehe

The next time you look up a restaurant and see a drunk review…please send it to me. I can’t get enough.


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